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Dodge Power Wagon

Car Name



Power Wagon




Personal History

Serial Number: n/a
No. of Cylinders: 6
Engine Tag No: 1327811-2
Units In Stock: 2

Overall gear ratios.
2nd 9.52
3rd 5.91
4th 4.33
Reverse 20.45


Wheelbase 8'4" (aprx 2550mm)
Track 4'3.5" (aprx 1300mm)
Length 14'11.5" (aprx 4560mm)
Width 5'3.5" (aprx 1610mm)
Tires 5.90x14
Weight 21.75cwt
Fuel Tank 10galls


Independent Coils at Front
Semi Elliptic at rear
Girling hydraulic drum 
brakes with wedge operated 
9in drums.

Car Condition Report:

The car interior is in a good shpae. The confertable seats have been renovated
The peedometeris presents but does not work.
Other meeter indicators like gas, heat, and RPM are also present but do not work.
Horn button present but does not work.
Glass of the right door is broken.
 Very good shape and has no dent and new coate of green paint.
Wippers are missing
Both side mirros are missing.
Rear lights are missing.
All engine parts are the orginal parts and work just fine.
A new carpurator was installed.
The starter was fabricated.
Break paddle was fabricated



Engine Displacement

Starting serial # Ending serial # Plant
1950 B-2-PW
230 cu. in.
1951 B-3-PW
230 cu. in.

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Industry History

Other Information

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Part Sources for the Dodge Power Wagon

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After WWII, GIs returning home wrote to Dodge and asked "where can we get a truck like the ones we used in the war"? Dodge responded by building the Power Wagon. Virtually unchanged from its introduction in 1945, to when its domestic sales ended in 1968. The Power Wagon is THE classic four-wheel drive truck.
The Power Wagon was similar in design to the 3/4 ton weapons carrier, with a 126 inch wheelbase, closed cab similar to the Dodge VC series trucks, and the front shell and grill similar to the T234 3/4 ton built by Dodge for the Chinese Army, also known as the Burma Road truck. A pickup box was designed that measured 8 feet long by 4 1/2 feet wide by 22 1/4 in high. Rumor has it that the truck was named "Power Wagon" after a trucking magazine with the same name. Dodge factory-built this four wheel drive truck over a year and a half before the Willys 4T and 10 years before other manufacturers began producing 4x4 trucks, making it the first mass produced civilian 4x4 truck.
Over the years, changes were made to the original truck including a 251 cid engine to replace the original 230 cid, synchromesh transmission, alternator and 12 volt electrical system, to name a few. Many custom bodied Power Wagons were put into service as fire trucks, school buses and stake bodies. One of the finest examples of this is the custom Cantrell-bodied four door woody station wagon - the original Dodge Sport Utility Vehicle. In 1957 Dodge introduced another line of four wheel drive trucks, also known as Power Wagons. These have the model designation W100, W200, W300, W500. These trucks were more conventional in styling and were available with different engines, including V-8s.
A total of 95,145 WDX-WM300 Power Wagons were sold from 1945-1968. Exports continued through 1971, and limited sales continued through 1978, with versions that included slant 6 engines, and hanging pedal assemblies.
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Actual Model

Actual Model

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