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Yemen Classic Cars Museum

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Fiat Topolino 1950

Car Name







Personal History

Serial Number
No. of
Engine Tag No
Units In Stock

Overall gear ratios.
2nd 9.52
3rd 5.91
4th 4.33
Reverse 20.45


Wheelbase 8'4" (aprx 2550mm)
Track 4'3.5" (aprx 1300mm)
Length 14'11.5" (aprx 4560mm)
Width 5'3.5" (aprx 1610mm)
Tires 5.90x14
Weight 21.75cwt
Fuel Tank 10galls


Independent Coils at Front
Semi Elliptic at rear
Girling hydraulic drum 
brakes with wedge operated 
9in drums.

Gasoline Engine ,4 Cylinders in-line, 10 HP, 2 Doors, convertible top. 2 separated seats in the front and 1 long seat in the back. Original color Red, Current color is dark green

It was used in Nairobi, Kenya, then bought used by a Yemeni immigrant used it there for more than 5 years . It was brought to Wadi Hudhramout from costal Africa via Mukalla Sea Prot to interior Hudhramout, Sayoun in about 1969 after the revelation in South Yemen, when the immigrant moved back to his homeland. The car had been used in rough terrain and dirt and cobble stone roads until 1972 when the socialites government in South Yemen started confiscation private properties. The car was stored until it was bought by YCC in 1999.


Industry History

Other Information

Fiat Topolino
Topolino Spares 1
Topolino Spares 2

Fiat started to look at a design for a minimal motor car, suitable for two people and their luggage, as early as 1913, when the company built a 500 cc prototype. Another followed in 1918, this time with a larger 760 cc power unit, and between. In 1934, FIAT entrusted the designer of the Balilla, Antonio Fessia, with the task of designing a runabout. Commercially speaking, the Balilla was already well tried and tested. Due to a number of technical reasons, the Topolino featured rear-drive, albeit originally intended as a front-driven car with an engine mounted outside the front wheels. Of this runabout, four versions were available: the four-door bodywork, the Belvedere, the Giardinetta, and the van models. Like the Balilla, it made a big hit with the clientele,

More Details Will Be Added Soon, YCC

سنظيف المزيد من المعلومات في القريب العاعجل فضلا زرنا مرة اخرى




  The car is in a very good condition. The original engine still in great condition, the body has no dent, and the interior is clean with clothed seats.
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Similar Model

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Fiat Topolino Hub Cap


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